An 'Add-On' that REALLY adds to efficiency and brings out the best in your phone system.

Cost Effective:

  • Ease the load on receptionist. Some of your more repetitive calls can go straight to their designated extension.

  • 24/7 Receptionist. You're available for your customers to leave messages round the clock.

  • Filter your calls for increased efficiency through caller distribution

Business Productivity:
  • Fast, accurate messages to your staff on and off-site

  • Relay or broadcast messages accurately

  • New in-company form of communication.

Deltan have 3 offerings in this area:

1. Simple Built-in message card - offering some excellent basic voicemail features.
As this product is tailored to your system click here to contact us so we may give you the details you need for your phones.

2. Panasonic KXTVM 50 - a superb 2-Port system suitable for most small to medium sized companies.
Click here to download full brochure.

3. Panasonic KXTVM 200 - For when you really want to get your teeth into it!
Click here to download full brochure.

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