Digital Telephone Systems

The Panasonic KX-TDA digital systems are next generation products. They combine reliability with IP technology offering efficient and flexible telecommunications. These systems can be configured to meet present needs and expand as your application grows or changes.
Products stocked include:

KX TDA 15: Ideal for small business or up to 20 users

KX TDA 30: Ideal for small to medium offices with up to 52 extensions

KX TDA 100: Ideal for medium to large offices with a max of 128 extensions

KX TDA 200: Ideal for large businesses as it can cater for up to 256 users

KX TDA 600: Ideal for up to 960 users will cover all your business requirements whatever the size

A full range of compatible key-phones are also available for all of the above system in a choice of either black or white see our brochure for full range of systems and phones.

Panasonic KX-TDA Hybrid IP Telecommunication Systems

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